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Thread: Rey (Island Journey) - Walmart Exclusive

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    Quote Originally Posted by jedimasterc View Post
    Cough•Kylo Throne room•cough.
    They're pretty consistent with this one... NO ONE has it.

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    I have a few questions. Are there photos of this figure without the poncho anywhere so we can see what the rest of the figure looks like? Also, how different is her costume underneath from her throne room scene costume? I would much rather have a throne room version with her hair down. I wonder if we will get one like that or if the head from the 5poa is swappable.
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    ^ may be too early still for ?#1, but for ?#2, using the 5poa figs as a guide, under the poncho she should be wearing outfit she wore a very end of TFA/opening scenes of TLJ aka Rey (resistance outfit).

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    I’m happy that they are doing the cape. But I would really prefer that they package the figure without itbon and pack it behind the figure. Also the image should be Rey without the cape on.
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