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Thread: SWCA Blog: Star Wars Community Digest

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    SWCA Blog: Star Wars Community Digest

    Yehuda and I have started a regular SWCA blog feature which reports on and summarizes interesting SW collecting threads from around the online world, from FB to forums. We just published our second issue this morning.


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    Looking for interesting Luke Poncho, Kea Moll and Micro items!
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    very very cool and some really memorable items and goings on . great site . great job
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    This is a great thing that you are both doing for the collecting community.
    Currently looking for Ewoks Preschool and Plush items including protos, proofs, artwork, etc.
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    wow very nice piece there, looking forward to seeing more of them!

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    BTW, that pilot 3-pack, I vaguely recall seeing it for sale in one of those older magazines, man, I think it was on Chris G's site with all those For Sale Ads...

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    Very cool idea and very enjoyable reading. Definitely interested to read more of these in the future.
    WTB: R5-D4 Proof Cards & Cromalins
    Looking for R5-D4 ESB 48c back proof card (Admiral Ackbar offer)!!
    Looking for R5-D4 POTF Cromalin!!

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