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    DarthSinister's Customs

    Howdy Folks!

    I've had a little time lately and have been hard at work on the beginnings of my classic MARVEL STAR WARS stint. These figures are 1/12th scale and a passion project for me. Now it would be fun to translate the characters as they were, straight from the pages of the old comics, but I always like to put my own spin on things. Giving these characters a much needed re-boot is essential. I want to achieve a look for them that makes sense in relation to the films and breath new life into them.
    Most of the time the re-booted characters need a little story tweaking as well. I always try to make them a little more interesting and use cannon story lines to fit them into the universe seamlessly.

    In the beginning there was a film called STAR WARS. Not STAR WARS: A NEW HOPE. Just STAR WARS. I was 10 years old and it was hands down the greatest thing I'd ever seen. I saw the movie more times than I could count and just as many as my allowance and grass cutting money would allow. I collected the toys, posters, magazines... anything that came out. I bought the MARVEL comics adaptation of the movie and to my delight, MARVEL didn't stop there. They kept going. New stories, New characters. As a 10 year old I loved them and waited every month for the next exciting installment. It was a much smaller world then. There was no internet, no bantering and arguing about who's a better fan. The ugliness of today's societal woes were not present. You liked what you liked and that was it. It was a better time in that aspect.

    So here we are and I'm starting with not one, but two of my favorite MARVEL characters. The FIRST EU characters to be seen were some of my favorites... SPACE PIRATES!!!! Namely Captain Crimson Jack and his first mate Jolli. They were awesome! A bit under-dressed for space travel but awesome just the same. Crimson Jack got his nickname from the color of his mane. His pirate vessel was a Victory Class I Imperial Star Destroyer he and his crew found adrift. He raised his First Mate Jolli from a child and aside from his gruff demeanor saw the girl as a daughter. Captain Jack and his crew were known for raiding unsuspecting freighters via space jump, attaching themselves to the hulls and blasting thought to get what they wanted.

    We also get that Han Solo and Jack are acquainted and have been for some time. I would have loved to have seen that or even a Jack cameo in the new Solo movie. These guys might fit into that film pretty nicely...

    Also if anyone wants to see any older work, check out my page and give me a like!

    Raider, Crimson Jack draws down an adversary.

    Space Jumps are no problem with the right gear. Jack's jet pack is magnetized to his back and can be removed.

    Jack, like his crew, uses some Imperial items that were taken from the crew before their demise. His chest armor is the breast plate from a Stormtrooper and before he jettisoned the Imperial Naval Captain out the air lock he ripped his insignia from his jacket and fastened it to his armor.

    Zim Zim is a character of my own creation. He did not appear in the MARVEL story line. I figured a pirate needs a parrot... right?

    Zim Zim is a fully articulated custom figure. The head and everything else was sculpted by me.

    Jack acquired Zim Zim in a raid. He was one of several Monkey Lizards taken. Jack liked the red color of Zim Zim's fur which suits his vain nature.

    Jolli is Captain Jack's right hand and First Mate. Jack found her and raised her from a small child. Jack see's Jolli as a daughter.

    Jolli sports a Stormtrooper belt and Imperial issue blaster rifle.

    Jolli's hat and belt are removable.

    Head sculpt close up.

    Group photo of the trio. Jack has several accessories. Along with the extra head and magnetic jet pack, he also has a removable trench coat.

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    Those are all kinds of awesome! I really like the "parrot".

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    Got some more "Quick" customs here using POTF figures. Love doing these!

    First one is a Devaronian Bouncer. Push mold head, lots of Aves FixIt Sculpt. This was a POTF Darth Vader... sculpted right over that sucker.

    One of my favorites. An Imperial Heavy Infantry Commander. Essentially a Stormtrooper head on a Dengar body with some Aves sculpting.

    Another push mold head and lots of Aves sculpting over a POTF Ben Kenobi. Gotta have a Dark Lord! Vuvrian Sith Lord seems to have eyes in the back of his head.

    Boba head on a Stormtrooper body. Aves and Green Stuff sculpting on the Ubese Soldier.

    Some Aves sculpting over a Yakface fig and we get a Yarkora Gunslinger.

    Love this one. Simple Momaw figure and some Aves sculpt. Ithorian Ceremonial Guard.

    Lastly. From the Classic Marvel comics adaptation of Star Wars 77', (before we knew what Jabba looked like) It's Jabba the Hutt and his Goons! Little paint, little Aves and some Green Stuff.

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    DONE!! One more step into a lost world. These two are my absolute favorites, always have been. Old MARVEL Star Wars was da bomb.

    Here is my re-imagining of the green rabbit himself in 6" form. Jaxxon has a special place in my heart. This one took a while as did his accomplice. Lots of little details and nods not only to the comics but artists like Pablo Hidalgo and me... the cigar is something I've always given Jaxxon. He seems like the type. (If you look closely you'll notice a pouch on his belt with two more cigars, 3 in all)

    On Jaxxon's shoulder is a patch representing the Star Hoppers and on the space helmet, aside from a credit symbol and a tiny Rebel symbol is a star. The star has been incorporated into a lot of Jaxxon art out side of the comic so I had to add it.

    And what's Jaxxon without his main squeeze Amaiza. Here she is decked out in her saloon girl attire. A little scam her and Jax used to run to cop credits galore from gambling houses. She was the inside gal! Also watch out! Aside from being a quick draw and once a high member of the Black Hole Gang, Amaiza wears a beautiful flower in her hair all the time... or is it? It's actually a pet called a snipscrill. Don't get too close to her, the creature is quite protective and deadly poison.

    Let me know what you guys think!
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    These are awesome, I had meant to comment on these before but some of these must have taken forever to paint/customize. well done man.
    I ramble with some friends about Star Wars collecting.

    Also, I buy repros to rub them on my man parts for health reasons.

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    These are all really great!

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    I've done this one before, but this is my first 1/12th scale. From Shadows of the Empire here is Snoova! This is the real Snoova... no Chewbacca disguise here. This one was great fun to do.
    He's been sculpted in green stuff. Craft foam was used to make the usual belts and armor, but I also used it to make Snoova's Vibro-Axe... craft foam and a metal coat hanger and some greebles.
    Take note of Snoova's trophies hanging from the back of his armor. Draped over his cape are the bones of a Transdosian Chieftain. This bounty hunter means business!

    Let me know what you guys think!
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