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Thread: DarthSinister's Customs

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    Finally Finished!
    6" Darth Vereor and his pet Blasko based on classic horror art work that I did years ago. Bella Lugosi's Dracula is the inspiration. The Sith Master has many tricks up his sleeve one of which is a bonded Force link with his pet Nexu. I think I'd rather be choked by Vader.

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    Sick customs Sinister. :{J
    Disney? "Canon" you say? You must unlearn what you have learned...

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    Delving back into the 3-3/4" realm, the gangs all here. I finally did all 8 defenders of Aduba-3. Star Wars Eight For Abuba-3 was the 8th installment of the Star Wars Marvel run. Published in November of 1977, these were the continued adventures of Luke, Han and Leia from A New Hope.

    Han and Chewie are hired to put together a group of fighters to go against a ruthless gang called the Cloud Riders.

    Chewbacca head swap and repaint.

    Han Solo head swap, sculpt and paint work.

    Jaxxon and Amaiza, I just did these two in 6". They turned out nice. Almost duplicates of the larger ones.

    Original head sculpt, parts swapping, sculpting and paint.

    Amaiza is sculpting and paint.

    Don-Wan and Hedji.

    I imagine if Don was a Jedi (which was left undetermined) his silver armor from the comic would have probably been Clone Trooper armor. Makes sense. He was portrayed very Shakespearean and extremely eccentric.

    Parts swap, sculpting and paint. Sharpie marker on the saber blade for his signature yellow blade.

    Hedji was a Spiner and supposedly the last of his kind. Custom head sculpt, parts swap and paint.

    Jimm Doshun and his farm droid FE-9Q.

    Jimm was a hot shot kid who was trying to make a name for himself. Parts swap, sculpting and paint.

    FE-9Q was Jimm's farm droid. He protected Jimm and had become a proficient fighter. Parts swap, scratch building, sculpting, casting and paint.

    In the comic FE-9Q had extendable arms. I decided to do a take on that by giving him a cluster of implement arms for farming.

    Each arm is built from styrene rods, jointed too.

    A fun group of characters and a fun story. The actual basis for the Aduba run was the western "The Magnificent Seven".

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