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Thread: Was the missile firing boba Fett ever carded

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    Was the missile firing boba Fett ever carded


    I was watching Paw Stars a little while ago and someone brought in a carded Boba Fett with the Rocket firing feature. I though the figure didn't make it out of the prototype stage because of safety concerns. The guy was offered 100k for it. I am not sure what the guys original asking price was for it. I was a bit curious if the rocket firing version figure was ever even carded.

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    I think that carded example was a toy fair sample / mock up. If I remember correctly the bubble was never factory sealed. I think the owner wanted 150k for it.

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    Yes that is the only "carded" example and it was a toy fair mock up the bubble is not fully sealed you can take the figure out.

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    Thanks for the info.I didn't see the whole segment on Pawn Stars.Man, $100,000 for a figure geez. I wonder how the guy got ahold of the figure.

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    So, this was the only painted sample of the rocket firing Boba Fett I assuming?

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    I watch Pawn Stars a'lot, and after seeing that episode, I did some research. HERE ARE MY FINDINGS AFTER RE-WATCHING AND RESEARCHING:
    The MOC Rocket-Fett, is you can call it that as the bubble isn't sealed, was obtained from the Kenner employee who attended the 1979 Toy Fair in NYC. The mans original asking price was $150,000, and he was offered $100,000, and didn't take it. It was later listed on eBay for $150,000, and as far as I know, did not sell. The expert Rick form Pawn Stars brought in appraised the piece at $125,000. If you watch closely in the video, you can see that the missile is not pushed down. In the acrylic case he has it in, the bubble is a little bent, but otherwise, it appears to be in excellent shape. I hope this could answer your question, and May The Force Be With You.

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    Actually, if I'm correct, there are three other painted prototypes. There may be more, but I'm not exactly sure yet.

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