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Thread: Phoenix Board #185 - Up next: SOLO, PCF.

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    Yeah! Not sure what's up with that. We still have tomorrow and there's still a chance they could throw in the Nikto Guard, but it's pretty unlikely since they already hit the goal.

    I had no idea you bought two. What's your plan with the second? Desiree wants me to blow it up. She's mentioned that multiple times now.
    Yeah my first one was like number 64 and then somewhere in the mid 3000 I got another one. I was trying to help the numbers get to 5,000 but I guess that wasn't needed where at almost 8,000 now. I'm keeping it I figured I'll open one and keep one in the box for now. Maybe in a few years it'll be worth something and I can send the kids to college lol.
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