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Thread: ROTJ Boba Fett MOC

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    ROTJ Boba Fett MOC

    Hi all, I'm new to this. A while back I acquired as part of an estate sale about a half a dozen MOC ESB and ROTJ figures. I've been trying to estimate a value on these to sell. The most desirable I have is probably Boba fett. It's difficult for me price these as I don't know how price tags and free coin stickers affect the value. Most are in pretty good shape for their age.

    See sample photos below. I can post the remaining if interested.

    ESB - all 48 Back
    Cloud Car Pilot
    ATAT Commander - See Below
    Imperial Commander - See Below
    Bespin Security Guard - White

    ROTJ - 77 Back
    Rebel Commando
    BobaFett - See below

    Most are similar to the condition below. Multiple Price tags. Some card edge ware, some wrinkles.

    Any help would be appreciated.

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    That Boba is real nice! Let me know what you are asking
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