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    Micro Machines

    I don't understand why they would ever stop this line of toys. Maybe it is a choking hazard and maybe parents do not like buying it for their kids because they lose the pieces easily but Micro Machines are awesome miniatures that really set this franchise apart in terms of merchandise from other movie series. They don't have micro versions of Marvel or Star Trek, etc.

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    I agree. Before moving to 3.75" the base of my collection was the micro machines. I miss this line.
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    MM were easily one of my favorites as a kid, and it continued as a collector. I don't collect large ships, so these were perfect. I love being able to buy three micro ships in one set, and while the line has plenty of fans, apparently they didn't do as well as Hasbro hoped with kids and casual buyers. I hope the current hiatus allows them to return at some point, as theyre my top choice for a collectible i would like to see return. I would choose these over action figures if i had to.

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    Pleeeeeease! MMs are much preferred over Titaniums or Hot Wheels in our household and very sorely missed. Durability, value, selection, size. They're fantastic. It is so saddening to see them go away again. But please, if they come back, not so much redundancy and many repeats in the line, next time.

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