Okay, this may seem like a weird question, but recently I acquired a few of the 2009-11 Hoth Rebel Troopers from the Legacy/Vintage collections, and only two came with the A280 blaster rifle. Now, I also bought TVC Dak who came with one as well, and so the third rebel was properly equipped. But I actually have six in total, and so I have three rebels without the proper blaster. Now yes, they all have their sidearms, but I would like to have them all fully armed with the A280s.

Now as far as I can tell, this particular mold comes in a handful of ways: 2010 Defense of Hoth, 2011 Search for Luke Skywalker, TVC/TBS Dak Ralter, and TBS Wedge Antilles. Now I am currently hunting down TBS Wedge as I don't have that figure, but I don't want to army-build a bunch of Daks, and the other options aren't much help as they add more, already equipped, rebels to the mix, still leaving the others without.

So my question is this, how do I go about finding more of the 3.75" scale A280 blaster? eBay isn't much help, and I don't know of any other sites that sell solo accessories. Clone blasters, in contrast, are much easier to find. So any help would be appreciated. Also, feel free to ask about any other rare/hard to find accessory, as I'm sure this is a broad problem.