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Thread: Dr. Orson Krenic option / alternative figure.

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    Dr. Orson Krenic option / alternative figure.

    Not quite sure if this has been posted before..
    But I just picked up on amazon a Rogue 1
    1/6 scale Director Orson Krenic figure.
    I have to say that for $13
    I'm impressed..
    Used an old base / stand from extra darth maul I had.. And you can't notice the difference.

    If hot toys or sideshow doesn't release one ..great alternative.. I'm also thinking about getting baze.

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    This was from Disney's line of 12" figures. They made several, ranging from Vader to Rey and an undersized Death Trooper. They're not bad for the price, and were heavily discounted over time from the Disney Store. I bought a couple of Krennics just for the uniform.

    The Baze is from their diecast line of figures, and are half the size. A little bigger than the Hasbro 6" Black Series.

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    I likewise, purchased one for less than $5 from the Disney Store, purchased a custom plaque to add to a Hot Toys base from an eBay seller...and there you are.

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    I had no idea that Krennic was a doctor.

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    Technically he probably is, considering the field he's.
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    I will be patient and wait for the HT version of Krennic. I'm confident at some point, they'll make one.
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