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Thread: Fake or original plastic capes?? How do you tell???

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    Fake or original plastic capes?? How do you tell???

    How do you spot fake plastic capes for like Vader obi-wan snowtrooper lando? I got a collection and float tested all the weapons and the only one that sank was Vaderís lightsaber. Farm boy Luke and obi-wan sabers floated. The Vader saber was skinnier then the others so Iím guessing itís a reproduction. Just want to check the capes out now but not sure how to test them. Here is a link to my haul video with Eddie Groves if you guys want to check it out.

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    You might find this website useful:

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    scratch and zip sound is usually a good indicator.
    fyi on the sabers a lot of them do sink that are original vintage

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    Some sabers sink some sabers float. Some Ben sabers are skinny

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