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Thread: Solo: A Star Wars Story

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    Solo: A Star Wars Story

    I just saw these images for Solo: A Star Wars Story and thought that they were pretty good. They have that whole "Wanted" dead or alive feel to them.

    Does anyone know anything about them? Are they official?

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    Thanks Kronet. I hadn't seen them prior to yesterday, so i thought i'd stumbled on something new.

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    No worries, I think they were just released yesterday!

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    Already got the Lando a month ago, hopefully will get all 4! They only shipped one of each to theatres so it'll be a pain in the butt to hunt down them individually if I don't get all after the movie is out. I may try to get one cardboard stand with the same art, would be cool to mount it on a door or something.
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    Lots of shots available from Topps Star Wars Authentics this weekend...from Solo, too.
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