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Thread: Revenge proof card

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    I had trouble selling an ungraded one for $850-900 just a year ago....

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    Johan, did you try selling it on Facebook? Seems like everything on that venue sells for x1.75 (possibly more) over true market value
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    I would agree with you guys,,, the pattern I am seeing in my database on proof pricing-

    1- generally speaking, the more popular character, the higher the premium

    2- a higher AFA grade will give a proof card a boost, but again, depends on the character, I have seen AFA 80 revenge cards for say a not very popular character go for the same as a non graded AFA proof card.

    4- the card sometimes goes for more than the character, depending on the artwork on the card

    prices do vary, and I have seen a high grade AFA grade go for the same exact price as say a popular character. Often it comes down a buyer and seller and how they negotiate their deal

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