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Thread: WIP : BTTF DeLorean Time Machine

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    Issue #26

    Thats it with the engine so far.

    I was a little irritaded by the end pipes of the exhaust, pointing downwards. But after a short research it made sense. On the real-life DMC, the are pointing backwards as you would expect, on Docīs timemachine, they go downwards, because the lightstripes that go down at the back, are mounted to some boxes on the underside at the place where they would conflict with the exhaust end. So, everythings fine, no modding needed here

    There are still a few steps left to do for this issue, but I want to apply some weathering to the engine before I install it into the chasis.
    Let see what the weekend brings
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    And here we are again, just finished the final steps for issue #26, the marriage of engine with the chasis

    But first..... bye, bye shiny engine ! welcome used engine ( inspired by my own cars one )

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