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Thread: NY Times SW book

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    NY Times SW book

    Cool book available at the NYT official site store, a bit pricey but seems to be very nice, check it out.
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    Looks really nice... except it's 190 euros shipped to Europe with tracking number
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    damn, is that right?'s only around 80 USD w/ dedication, so that sounds nuts, are you sure man? is there a super special limited one or something?

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    Yes I've tried ordering it and it's crazy. They must ship with UPS or FedEx, they always charge crazy amounts compared to USPS. I could save 16 euros by not choosing to pay for taxes when ordering, but if it's shipped with UPS or FedEx they will automatically make a custom declaration and I'll have to pay the taxes here. I could save a bit more by choosing standard untracked shipping but I had bad experiences with parcels without tracking numbers. I wonder why they bother sending things through carriers, when USPS with tracking number works perfectly, is cheaper, and most of the time goes through french customs without any taxes collected.

    I wish Amazon was selling that book, but it's published by the NY Times that will never happen.

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    WOW that is madness, man. I haven't decided if I'm getting one or not, it'd be close to/about 100 USD shipped if I get the dedication on it... it's cool but it's not exactly a necessity regarding SW books for me.

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