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Thread: Help Offered: Lexington Comic and Toy Con - March 9-11

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    Help Offered: Lexington Comic and Toy Con - March 9-11

    Hello fellow collectors. I am planning to attend the Lexington Comic and Toy Con in March and am happy to offer help to those who cannot attend. Current announced guests include:

    Star Wars Guests:

    Ian McDiarmid
    Billy Dee Williams
    Dave Barclay
    Paul Brooke
    Femi Taylor
    Tim Rose
    Angus MacInnes
    David Ankrum
    Garrick Hagon
    Corey Dee Williams
    Tom Kane
    Brian Herring
    Michael Carter
    Colin Cantwell
    Gerald Home

    Other guests include (but not limited to):
    Chuck Norris
    John Barrrowman
    Pauly Shore
    Lou Diamond Phillips
    Jonathan Frakes
    Ke Huy Quan
    Doug Jones

    Fees per signature are:
    $15 for all flat items up to and including 16x20, larger than 16x20 must be rolled (no boarded posters)
    $20 for non-flat items (action figures).

    **Extra-large items please ask first. I will do my best to accommodate most any item.

    I have been attending conventions for over 10 years and have helped multiple people obtain signatures with great success including fellow collectors in this forum.
    I have attended the Lexington convention multiple times

    I will be the only person handling your items. I will treat your items with the same care that I treat my own. My fees include at least one proof photo (usually more) of the celebrity signing your exact item which I will e-mail to you. On some occasions, there is no photography allowed, but I still try to take a few as I know how important these are to collectors.

    I usually have multiple colors of sharpies and some paint pens with me; however, if you would like to send your own pen, that is ok. I ask you to please label your items with your name, return address and e-mail address on the back side to eliminate confusion. Also, please label the item with where you would like it signed and in what color. I will take all requests for character names, short quotes and/or personalization, but as we all know, these are at the discretion of each actor.

    I would ask you to also send a pre-paid return label with your items as I will use your exact same shipping materials to send your item(s) back to you.
    Please package accordingly as the USPS has not been kind to packages lately. I don't want your item damaged coming or going!

    Prices have not been announced yet. Once they are, I will need all items and money by March 2.

    Please feel free to ask me any questions. I will respond as quickly aspossible. Thanks!
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    Thank you to the members that entrusted me with your vintage and cast signed pieces. All autographs were obtained as requested and with exact photo proof. All items have been shipped using your materials and return shipping labels. Thanks again and I look forward to helping in the future.

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