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Thread: Death Star room collection

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    Outstanding! The room itself is a work of art. And your collection is very atheistically pleasing in what it contains and how it's displayed. Lots to look at without being crowded.

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    Very nice! Clean and neat, not cluttered. Thanks for sharing!
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    Wow, that looks fantastic! I really like how the panels offer a grey backdrop.

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    Fantastic, fantastic, fantastic! The only thing I would change is the flooring, but that is just a small detail that does not really stand out.
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    Great collection! That's an awesome Jawa

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    Awesome! Please post more pictures of the room and the walls.
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    How do you dust everything? I put everything I can into cases because dust really builds up over time.
    "I find your lack of faith disturbing"
    -Darth Vader

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    Outstanding room and the collection is impressive as well. As someone else noted, some close ups of your shelves wold be great.
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    Nice. Loving those wall panels.
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