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Thread: FT: Glasslite R2 MOC for R2 Proof or UZAY R2 MOC + $$$

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    FT: Glasslite R2 MOC for R2 Proof or UZAY R2 MOC + $$$

    Well I have 2 Glasslite MOC's for my R2 Focus but alas no R2 Proof or Uzay MOC- I would love to make a trade...I do not wish to sell these for cash thank you RS members- they are my treasures and could only be replaced with another treasure. The last Glasslite comp. I saw on ebay went for $2250 at auction- the card was nicer than mine but my bubble is perfect- no dings- zero!

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    would you consider trade for some new zealand mint star wars coins?

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    Sorry no trades for stated my goal is an uzay R2 for my focus--

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    anybody? lets give it another bump

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    I think a decent condition loose incomplete Uzay R2 would go for a good bit more than $2250. MOC is pretty much unheard of. Good luck in your quest!
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    Yes indeed!! its a quest but you never know....and.... that is why I put " I would love to trade one and cash "

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    bump and added a trade inquiry for an R2 proof...(since I have no R2 proofs as of yet)

    The Packaging design reference thread (proofs etc) thread has inspired me
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