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Thread: WTB: Vintage and Newer figures both MOC and loose

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    WTB: Vintage and Newer figures both MOC and loose


    I am looking to buy both vintage figures and some of the newer figures.
    Some I want MOC and some I could buy MOC or loose and some I want loose.
    First of, the newer figures that I am looking for are these:

    These I want MOC:
    Ephant Mon
    Hermi Odle
    Watto ( rather The Legacy Collection, 2008 but Ep1 is also interesting )
    Biggs X-wing (30th Anniversary Collection, 2007)

    These I could buy MOC or loose:
    Vizam ( cinema scene or saga version )
    Hem Dazon
    Skiff master (Skiff Master - The Vintage Collection, 2011)

    And for the vintage figures I would like to buy them loose in near mint - mint condition
    I could buy them with or without weapons, depending on the prices
    Though if they have weapons they have to be vintage originals
    All figures must have their vintage original capes etc though

    several Jawas
    several Tusken Raiders ( I would prefer with sticks )
    several Rebel Hoth Soldiers
    Cloud car pilot
    Darth Vader

    And then these vintage figures are to be displayed next to vehicles and playsets so they could have paint wear, loose limbs etc, but no real damage to the plastic

    2 x Luke farmboy
    2 x Red snaggletooth
    2 x Greedo
    Death Squad commanders

    Thanks and may the force be with you all

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    Also adding to my want list all the vintage rotj and potf ewoks complete in near mint to mint condition, thanks.

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