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Thread: Did you like TLJ, Yes or No?

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    Changed my answer.

    TFA: Still no
    TLJ: No
    Age: Still 34

    I spoiled myself before TLJ and enjoyed seeing what I had read about unfold. I enjoyed large parts of the score. Yet niggling doubts stopped me from thinking about the film too much, putting the "change is good" mantra ahead of the factors that made me a fan of the series (and the factors that made me so disappointed with TFA). In short, I lowered my expectations and my investment.

    After a month or so off I've began re-investing in Star Wars as a fan, and realised that the reason I didn't want to think about TLJ is because it's a mess.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Kooshmeister View Post
    I just want it to be over with so the crybaby crap from both sides will stop.

    I liked the movie, but at this point I'm taking a neutral stance in all this.
    Disney won't stop until the investors force them...

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