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Thread: Vintage Toy tracking Apps

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    Vintage Toy tracking Apps

    I have been using Toy Collector 3 app to track my vintage collection. I find it subpar, and I am wondering if there is something better out there...ideally I would want it to:

    1) track individual figures with varying conditions
    2) allow to record $ purchased, and $ sold or traded
    3) export and backup files
    4) track dates figures are added or removed.

    Does anything close to this exist?


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    I tried to put together an excel spreadsheet when I first got back into vintage collecting and knew right away I had the bug- would be buying and selling for a while....after 6-8 months I got "lax" and the spreadsheet was no more.
    So yeah if there was a way to input into an app...there is the "tracker for vintage star wars" app on the app store but it is lacking
    Could be like a TD ameritrade app with a running total of your SW vintage portfolio---you could enter values of what you think market value is for item you purchased/sold/etc...and then have a green/red overall and individual account of your overall collection and individual purchases...
    Name ideas for your app?
    Vintage SW Buy/Sell/Track APP
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    This would be nice. I've been using a note in the app on my iPhone. I separate categories into Modern SW, Vintage SW, and Non-SW. Then subcategories, e.g. Modern -> Phantom Menace figures, AOTC figures, etc. I try to remember to put the price in parenthesis next to each item I add, but often I forget/don't want to know. Other categories are "wants" and "to be sold." It's a system that has worked for me because the list has grown, and using a smaller font I can see everything together, which is a little more difficult with a spreadsheet or an app. Plus the note syncs with all my devices.

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    Not exactly what you’re looking for, but I have enjoyed “My Toy Box” app. It has a lot of great features for keeping track of your collection with sold eBay values and FX translations.

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    I think a spreadsheet app with a value tracker would be the easiest way to go about this.
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    I seek Yoda. Collect him I must. Sell to me your production and preproduction Yoda items you will. Vintage it is, yes yes. Mmm hehehe.

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    I actually like how that one looks, it’s just the need to pay a monthly subscription is a turn off.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kessel_run View Post
    I actually like how that one looks, it’s just the need to pay a monthly subscription is a turn off.
    Its yearly

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