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Thread: How Disney Can Fix Star Wars

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    To FIX this?

    3 step plan:

    1) Time Travel to wipe out TLJ movie... kinda like how they got rid of X-Men: Last Stand

    2) Jake Skywalker: It really wasn't Luke... Skrulls or something...

    3) Give us a Star Wars Episode VII.i (is that how that works?) and feverishly retcon anything you can to make TLJ make some sort of sense. Alternate Reality / It was all a dream / It was a kid playing with action figures / Rey was mindwiped / Kylo is a robot and not really Han's kid / Han Solo survived (the lightsaber hit the flask in his pocket and didn't go all the way and Ahsoka caught him) / This was a simulation that Rey has been working on to figure out how to get Kylo to stop being a ****** / Leia has been a force ghost for years / Rey wakes up and is still in Maz's Castle / It was a bit of bad shell fish but Chewie is much better now
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    I didn't dislike TLJ, but I do think it's a problematic movie. Most of my issues with it can be traced back to the fact that it really doesn't take advantage of any of TFA's momentum. It feels too much like a standalone movie and not enough like a sequel or like it's part of a series. I don't think Johnson is an untalented or unqualified director, but it definitely seems like he was more interested in doing his own thing than he was in making the second part of a trilogy.

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    It's unfixable at this point. TLJ ruined some much of what was and what could be.

    Unless of course Episode 9 starts with Finn waking up from that coma or whatever and says "**** that was baaaaad dream"

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    Maybe they should have had Rian do a Stand alone then? I remember hearing/reading about JJ's outlines prior to TLJ, or even before TFA was released.
    It was thing to em, because that's when we found out that GL's drafts were thrown over JJ's shoulder. lol
    But in all honesty, how much blame should KK get. When it was Iger himself who said he's the steward of Star Wars? Was he not informed of what's going on? That sounds odd then, as it would seem to me that he would be involved more. They all see this well be fore release, they all seemed fine with the movie. So they got the Movie they wanted, and it made Money.
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