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Thread: Star Wars Autograph Universe Graphcast

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    Star Wars Autograph Universe Graphcast

    Hey guys!

    We started a Youtube channel and we have weekly graphcasts about SW Autographs!

    We have had 5 episodes so far.

    Episode 1- Our first graphcast.
    Episode 2- Guest was Steve Grad
    Episode 3 - Guest was Dave Godfrey from the UK
    Episode 4- Guest was the famous Anthony Ferrera aka K9
    Episode 5- Guest was Rebelscum and OPX's very own Chris Wyman!

    Please join us this Sunday as we broadcast live with Paul Dunne with Elite Signatures from the UK.

    Here is the link:

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    Cool - I'll enjoy this!

    Edit: Did enjoy it! Just listened to number 1 whilst trying to work at the same time. Looking forward to working my way through the rest.
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    Awesome! Anything to make this community larger.
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    I've watched all of them. Very good information. Especially enjoyed hearing the experiences and advice from Steve Grad and Chris Wyman. Keep up the good work!
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    Love the show and looking forward to Paul's appearance this weekend! Thanks again for all you do Andy.

    If you need a theme tune for the show

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    These are really amazing graphcasts, great guests and information. I highly recommend catching it.
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    I listened to the fifth episode with Chris and it was great. Nice to hear more about the business side of autographs and some behind the scenes stories. Favourite part was to hear about how nice Carrie was and about her signing for Official Pix in her bed. Great story

    I also want to thank Chris for all the great things he done thru the years and for all the great signings Offical Pix has done. The last signing with Harrison was epic and I managed to purchase a couple of great photos. Thank you, Chris and good luck going forward!

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