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Thread: Custom Y-wing pilot Gray 2 Lt. Telsij (There's too many of them!)

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    Custom Y-wing pilot Gray 2 Lt. Telsij (There's too many of them!)

    This is Telsij, who flew a Y-wing with Gray Squadron during the Battle of Endor. I did the usual boil and pop, then cut out the neck post and dremeled the neck out. I didn't have to do any modification to the neck post, I was able to get the head to fit properly.

    Some back story on this figure - He was named "Arvel Crynard" found in the POTF2 Rebel Pilots Cinema Scene. I say that in quotations because he was mistakenly labeled as Crynard. He is supposed to be Lt. Telsij, the Y-wing pilot who says "There's too many of them!" As you can see, they gave him a Y-wing helmet, a B-wing flightsuit, and an A-wing pilots name. This was confirmed by Leland Chee, who works at Lucasfilm.

    Head and helmet: "Arvel Crynard" from POTF2 Rebel Pilots Cinema Scene
    Body: Ekelarc Yong from TVC Battle over Endor (set 1 of 2)

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    Well done. Wish Hasbro released more of these pilots.
    Next wanted figures: Han Solo Bespin Jacket, Dash Rendar, LE-BO2D9 (Leebo), Hobbie Klivan Snowspeeder Pilot, Horton Salm Y-Wing Pilot and any other Rogue Squadron pilot.

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    Well done, very brave too. I too noticed the errors and thought about making one...right up until it came to using an Ekelarc Yong....Lol. That changed my mind real fast. Nice work though. Job well done.

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    Thank you! Yeah I held off making one myself for a while. I lucked out and found Yong at a local collectible shop for 9 bucks. I was surprised because they usually have stuff a bit overpriced there. I practiced using a dremel on some cheap POTF figures before I attempted this one.

    I added in a picture of the original figure for reference.

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