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Thread: WTB: 20 back B MOCs

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    WTB: 20 back B MOCs

    I am looking for the debut MOCs of the second wave of SW figures: LXW, R5, DSD, Power Droid, Snaggletooth, Hammerhead, Greedo and Walrusman. Please let me know any leads or ones you would like to part with. Deals can be done in many ways. I have cash and trades.
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    List down to Hammerhead, Snaggletooth, R5, Power Droid, Walrusman...

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    I’ve got hammerhead , send me a pm if you want , not sure if I’ll let it go ?

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    You post a wtb , you get a possible lead and you don’t even bother to acknowledge the lead . What a disappointing community infested with sharks looking for a free ride or people such as yourself.

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    Usually this form let’s me know I have messages but I didn’t see any notification for such. So I apologize for that. If this is still the case, let me know.

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    I tried sending you a pm but it identified two user names and it was problematic with no result for me ?

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    Still looking for 20Bs of first twenty except for Storm, DSC, 3PO, Wally, XWing, Greedo and DSD. NEED: Snaggle, Hammerhead, R5, Power Droid, Luke, Leia, Darth, Ben, Han, Chewie, Jawa, Sand and of course R2

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    Monthly bump.... still looking for 20Bs...

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