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Thread: FT/FS: AFA coins/AFA Figures and more!

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    FT/FS: AFA coins/AFA Figures and more!

    Hello everyone,

    looking to trade/sell some of my doubles in hopes of filling some holes in my collection. Willing to add some cash to a trade if necessary. If you have something I need and I don't have anything you are interested shot me a price. Lets make a deal! USA only Please. Shipping $3 flat rate no matter how many items you buy. Add 3% for paypal fees if that's the route you want to go. Pics below...

    AFA Figures for Sale
    Squid Head 85 $60 sold
    Zuckuss no coo 85 $65 sold

    Loose Figures/Accessory's for Trade/Sell

    Han Bespin (NM, tight limbs) $15 sold
    21-B Metallic Finish (EX/NM Very good limbs) $30 sold
    Lumat Bow ( small stress point on handle, you can see in Picture) $25 sold
    Paploo Staff (looks to have a "y" on it) $20 sold
    Luke Farmboy Saber Yellow (Beautiful, no stress marks ) $60 sold

    I'm moving away from AFA graded figures but not AFA coins. I bought back ungraded for almost all that I sold but still looking for a few last 17. I'm continuing to collect AFA coins and have made a big push the last 6 months on my collection. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    AFA 85 Coins want list...

    Ben Kenobi
    Chief Chirpa
    Anakin Skywalker

    Last 17 figures I need/want..
    EV-9D9 (NM+ or better)
    R2-D2 pop up saber (NM or better)
    Yak Face (NM+ or Better)

    Help me get back to a full set! I do have doubles and triples of almost every other figure (other than last 17) so if you have something I want let me know.

    C-3PO U85-$65 sold
    Wicket 85-$65 sold

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    No coin traders out there? Willing to pay if you have any of my wants/needs...

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    Amanaman I
    Anakin Skywalker I
    AT-AT IV
    A-Wing Pilot I
    AT-ST Driver II
    Barada I
    Bib Fortuna V
    Biker Scout II
    B-Wing Pilot II
    Chewbacca II
    Chief Chirpa III
    C-3P0 II
    Darth Vader III
    Emperor II
    Emperor's Royal Guard III
    EV-9D9 I
    Gamorrean Guard II
    Han Solo (Trenchcoat) II
    Han Solo (Carbonite) I
    Han Solo (Hoth) IV
    Hoth Stormtrooper V
    Imperial Dignitary I
    Imperial Gunner I
    Jawas II
    Logray III
    Lando General I
    Lando with Cloud City IV
    Luke X-Wing II
    Luke Poncho I
    Luke Stormtrooper I
    Luke Jedi II
    Luke (Original) III
    Luke (Dagobah) V
    Lumat II
    Millennium Falcon IV
    Obi-Wan Kenobi II
    Paploo II
    Princess Leia (Poncho) II
    R2-D2 Pop-Up Saber I
    Romba I
    Stormtrooper II
    Teebo II
    TIE Fighter Pilot III
    Warok I
    Wicket II
    Yak Face I
    Yoda II
    Zuckuss V.

    luke stormtrooper with eyes
    Lando General

    droids coins

    Kea Moll.
    Thall Joben.
    Jann Tosh.
    A-Wing Pilot.
    Boba Fett.
    C-3P0 [Droids].
    Tig Fromm.
    Jord Dusat.
    Kez Iban [no dash]
    Sise Fromm.
    Uncle Gundy.
    kez iban with dash

    ewoks coins

    Dulok Scout.
    King Gorneesh.
    Dulok Shaman

    gold awing VI.
    c3po. VI.
    bronze lando. VI.
    bronze im dig. VI.
    small luke xwing.VI

    and i have yhe figures you want

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    I have added a few things and added the option of buying since I got no bite for trades.

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    Stormtrooper, biker scout, Chewbacca and Lando cloud city have been found! (thanks Dave!)List updated. Open to offers on my items!

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    Wicket and C-3po coins pending payment.

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    Wicket and c-3po coins sold. Don't be scared to make me an offer!

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    Updated list and reduced what is left. Looking for Category 4 and 5 coins.

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