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Thread: FT: AFA coins and Loose Figures

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    FT: AFA coins and Loose Figures

    Hello everyone,

    looking to trade some of my doubles in hopes of filling some holes in my collection. Willing to add some cash to the trade if necessary. If you have something I need and I don't have anything you are interested shot me a price. Lets make a deal! USA only Please. Pics below...

    Coins for trade...
    Yoda 85
    C-3PO U85
    Wicket 85
    Lando General 90

    Figures for trade...
    Dengar- 85
    IG-88 (grey)- 85
    Luke Skywalker 80 (Lettered saber not specified on AFA label)
    Squid Head 85
    R2-D2 sensor scope 85
    Amanaman 85

    I'm moving away from AFA graded figures but not AFA coins. Ran into a pinch early 2017 and needed some quick cash and had no other option. It was way to easy to sell my AFA figs because of what they are worth. Decided to not grade anymore so I wont be tempted to sell and I enjoy holding them out of the case! I still have other AFA figures but don't want to part with. I bought back ungraded for almost all that I sold but still looking for a few last 17. I'm continuing to collect AFA coins and have made a big push the last 6 months on my collection. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    AFA 85 or U85 Coins needed...

    Class B (only 4 to go!!)
    Storm Trooper
    Ben Kenobi
    Biker Scout

    Class C
    Chief Chirpa (last ewok I need!)
    Emperor Royal Guard
    Lando Cloud City
    Luke Bespin

    Last 17 figures I need..
    EV-9D9 (NM+ or better)
    R2-D2 pop up saber (NM or better)
    Yak Face (NM+ or Better)

    Help me get back to a full set! I do have doubles and triples of almost every other figure (other than last 17) so if you have something I want let me know.

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    No coin traders out there? Willing to pay if you have any of my wants/needs...

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