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Thread: My Vintage Collection

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    Smile My Vintage Collection

    Hi everyone I thought I'd share my vintage collection with you and see what you think. I am not interested in selling so please don't ask.


    Creature Cantina playset box and instructions

    I also have a vintage Slave 1 (missing ramp) and a vintage Jabba figure

    Let me know what you think
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    It appears the pictures aren't working. Not sure how to fix that :/

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    Hope you can upload the photos. excited to see your collection

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    I think you have to add the image address, not the website.
    Salt-licker guy from Crait deserves a figure.
    He made the ultimate sacrifice, licking that dirt to find out what it was. We should respect and honor him with an action figure.

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    Also, there is a limelight section on the boards to show your collection.

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    are they for sale ? lol jk
    , cant see any pictures
    a bad day of fishing is better than a good day at work

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    yeah firstly start a new thread on the limelight section...
    once you upload them to your photo gallery (make them medium size) you can always just copy and past the image from there onto a thread.
    how much are you asking for them again?

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