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Thread: Are all of these Poch Leia Bespins?

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    Are all of these Poch Leia Bespins?

    So I know one of these is a Poch Leia but I have a few others that are not so clear. Some have a random pale hand or pale feet but 3 including the Poch Leia have the exact same mark on the upper right shoulder on the back. I have done lots of investigating and I also have Javi's book but these three have not been so easy to identify. I appreciate any info you can share. I added one photo of all my Leias as well just for fun.

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    Few more pics

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    All you need to know about: No. 39720 Leia Organa (Bespin Gown) and Leia Bespin .

    Now, to help you answer your question, the POCH Leia figures can be found with COO 1 (Family I) and COO 2 (Family 2), as you can see from the guide the head have a particular paint and mold that easily distinguish from the rest:

    So lets narrow it down, all your examples have COO 1, from your pictures the one with 3 of them:

    1. The one on the left is a 1C: TURTLE NECK:

    2. The one in the middle is 1E: TURTLE NECK - POCH:

    3. The one on the right is a 1F Red: TURTLE NECK - PRETTY FACED - AKA LIL' POCHY RED HAIR:

    What differs between the POCH red hair and this figure is the following:
    POCH - white/pale hands and feet | Kenner - normal flesh color hands and feet
    Hope that helps you to figure it out which is which .
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    Great breakdown thanks. I had the exact same conclusions after checking his Leia Bespin guide but while looking at them I just couldn't convince myself if I was correct. I spent many hours investigating but with some of these figures due to subtle differences an outside opinion really helps. Thanks again.

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    I'm glad that my conclusion match with yours, that's the beauty about variations, you can never be certain until you research it thoroughly, once you know what you have, you can always compare it to carded examples and when you find a perfect match with multiple carded examples then you can say with a 100% that you own that specific variation, also don't forget that weapons and accessories are very specific to certain variations. Let us know if you have more questions .
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