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Thread: Canto Bight

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    Canto Bight

    Is anyone reading Canto Bight yet? It looks OK but I had to buy a copy because I have every other novel that they published (last count was over 200 books.) I keep saying that will read each of them once more when I retire in 20 years.

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    Read it - it was ok.

    4 stories set in Canto Bight with various characters - no tie in to The Last Jedi (and no The Last Jedi character references)

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    Its next on my reading list. I want to finish it before TLJ Novelization comes out. I liked TLJ, but the Canto Bight story was the least enjoyable part of the movie for me, so I cant say I'm incredibly excited or motivated to crack it open. But I've been surprised before. Never judge a book by its cover, or something like that hahaha.

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