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Thread: Bad FB Seller WARNING Brett Mizera Chicago IL

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    Bad FB Seller WARNING Brett Mizera Chicago IL

    I will not deal with Brett Mizera when it comes to vintage Star Wars items. $175 was taken and NOTHING was received after numerous excuses and then no replies whatsoever. He was kicked out of many of the FB groups for not responding to claims of ripping people off and not returning messages after repeated attempts. Not sure if he's on here but just thought everyone should know. He goes by Bounty Hunter Toys on paypal.

    Star Wars stuff is a horrible investment. Star Wars fans are always broke because all they buy is Ramen noodles, peanut butter and Kenny Baker autographs.

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    Wow, that sucks James. The guy was highly active on FB for ages, so this one surprises me. Hope you get your money back.


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