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If TIME wasn't a factor, then I'd have no issue with it. But my opinion is based on the fact that HT can only make so many figures per year, and therefore they shouldn't be filling up all those scheduled slots with nothing but remakes, and that seems to be what some collectors here and on Sideshow Freaks are pushing for, wanting Hot Toys to focus on remaking everything Sideshow ever did. It needs to be tempered and diversified, with some of the focus remaining on brand new characters nobody has ever done before, like Tarkin and Hoth Leia. And that original list above seemed to go overboard a bit with some of the suggested remakes. I just can't see Hot Toys ever redoing Jabba and his throne, for example. And last half of the bounty hunters were just recently solicited and haven't even shipped yet, but there's already people clamoring for Hot Toys to remake them ALL! That's ridiculous to me. We have suitable versions of the bounty hunters for now, and quite good versions in my opinion. If Hot Toys listened to the remake fanatics, they'd be devoting the next 18 months to just remaking all of those bounty hunters again rather than doing something new and different.
I guess we'll have to agree to disagree on this. I slightly object to the word 'remake' as they're separate companies. I don't see Figuarts as 'remaking' characters, only addong their own better quality versions to a market outside of America. I understand that there is probably a large crowd of people who have previously collected Sideshow and now buy Hot Toys. However, there is a very large crowd (including people like me) who do not buy Sideshow and see Hot Toys as a completely different company. I mean would Bandai SH Figuarts not make figures simply because Hasbro BS already did them? I think with Hot Toys comes the added quality and there is a large market for that extra quality. I can't think of many, or any, Sideshow figures that are better than the Hot Toys versions.