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Thread: Are 'worn' last 17 figures worth selling?

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    Are 'worn' last 17 figures worth selling?

    I have a few 'last 17' figures that I've reluctantly decided I can part with. Mostly picked up over the years ft m the likes of flea markets and car boot sales. None of them are mint (but far from 'beaters') all are missing accessories, but life, bills, etc are getting in the way, so any source of money is being considered. Is there any point selling the likes of:

    Luke stormy (no helmet or gun)
    Han carbonite (no slab)
    Endor Luke (no poncho or gun)
    General Lando (no cape or gun)
    EV 9D9 (Very good condition)

    I realise these are probably worth peanuts, but I'd be interested in an impartial opinion...

    I'm based in the UK.

    thanks in advance.

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    There are some people like me that can't afford minty ones just yet...but buy them until we can upgrade so �� yes

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    sure they are . theres always people looking who have a tight budget
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    No, not worth it. I would just send them to me

    I bet you're sitting on a couple hundred . I have seen stupid sales that make me scratch my head as to why. List em
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    I once paid $30+ for an A wing pilot with pet-chewed head just to turn into the calamari pilot from the ROTJ deleted scene. Before you think I've done something unholy, it's a totally reversible custom. One EV 9D9 limb sells for at least $25.

    Any last 17 figure is definitely worth something to someone. And as mentioned, a welcome option for those of us who are trying to complete a set on a budget.

    I love a hard luck case. Message me if you're interested in parting with that Luke.

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    put it this in the hand is worth 2 in the other words one mans milk beast is another mans ticket to paradise- so take it for what its worth- i too love a good luck hard case- I'll just scratch my head to the stupid sales and hope someday I will upgrade the minty ones!!!

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    A vgc EV9d9 is $100 dollars. The rest $100-200 combined.

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