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Thread: Legendary Scale Yoda

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    I've ordered him (even though technically I only collet ANH!). Just too good to pass on despite the heavy price tag. I also think in this scale he works so well - the photos look amazing.
    I'm waiting on my usual UK supplier of statues and figures to put it for pre-order. I imagine $700 will be £700 in the UK, but I do like how this one looks, so happy to add him to the collection.
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    I plan on ordering it once it starts shipping. The price is good compared to what I expected. I think this piece will fit in well with 1:4 scale figures as it’s over size is relative.

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    Just saw this on the FP, and gotta say I'm so tempted! I'm surprised the low prices as well, though it's still not cheap. $700 in one shot on one Collectible is still quite a bit to chew on. But it is very nice looking. I've always wanted a life size Yoda, so this is close enough?
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    If I had the space this would definitely be in my collection, got to sort out what I’m keeping & rehoming yet though so who knows, maybe I can squeeze him in somewhere. lol
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