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Thread: Whats your favourite Vintage /Saga/etc collection?

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    Whats your favourite Vintage /Saga/etc collection?

    And why? I am trying to understand what people like the most about the older stuff.

    While we at it, are there really significant quality differences within all of these "vintage" collections? I keep reading about how (depending on the production) some the Kenner stuff but i wonder if its not just single cases of production flaws?
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    I collect Vintage because that's what I had as a kid. They aren't as sculpted or articulate as the current toys, or even toys from the 90's, but I guess that's what I like about them. I'm not sure what you are asking in terms of quality differences. There are levels of grading and condition for all toys, Vintage thru today, so, not sure on that.

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    I collect mainly vintage. I had it as a kid and I like to remember the “good old days”.
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    Vintage ...pretty much for the same reason already mentioned. SW and ESB were released before I was born but the vintage figures handed down to me were the first Star Wars toys I played with.

    (Don’t tell anyone but as kid in the ‘80s I preferred He-Man toys over Star Wars toys by a wide margin)

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    I like to collect vintage, it takes me back to a wonderful time in my life. I had a great childhood, the toys bring back memories of my family. Lots of memories of my Grand Parents, and playing with my neighbors and cousins. We had a great time. I lost nearly all of my toys in the mid 90's to a fire. The few toys I have that was mine, were the ones that got left behind at my Grand Ma's house. She put them up in boxes and kept them for me. She gave them to me back around 2004, although it was mostly old GIJoes but there were a few Star Wars figures too. Getting online to track down various parts and gear I was missing from those figures is what started me off to collecting. I saw figures and vehicles that I never had as a kid and wanted to finally get them, see what I had missed out on.

    I also collect modern Star Wars and GIJoe as well. But I'm pretty selective about what I get now, it's not like the old days with "collect them all".

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    I'll agree with the above, vintage makes me think back to happy times in my youth, and I value much of what I have because my parents gave these items to me. Any vintage collecting I subsequently did was to fill gaps and to finally get those figures/ships/playsets I really wanted but didn't get in my youth.

    That said, I also love collecting the various lines associated with the movies, including TPM, Saga/AOTC, ROTS, and now TFA, RO and TLJ. But if I ever have to sell, you'll need to pry my vintage collection from my cold dead hands!

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