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Thread: Odd Flea Market Find

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    Odd Flea Market Find

    Hey guys, I occasionally head to my local flea market looking for some cheap finds. Mostly old video games, but certainly Star Wars collectibles too. I actually found something this past week! It's not necessarily an awesome collectible, but it does seem to be pretty rare. It's a star wars checkbook from Celebration IV that is limited to 100. It has a CoA. I haven't been able to find anything about this online so far. Have any of you guys seen this before? Just a checkbook but being limited to 100 (supposedly) was too cool to pass up.
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    Great find! I have a SW checkbook that I got when I ordered SW checks one time, but I've never seen that one. Mine is all black with an embossed Vader helmet.
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    Ya I though it was pretty cool. Not much to do with it really. I don't actually need a check book, and it's not something you can really display or frame. Probably will get packed away with a host of other stuff bought on a whim.

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    This thread and your user name made me think how cool it might be if a second hand store's staff them was Jawas. But that would mean they would need to hire all short people, so I'm not sure how well that would go. Plus it probably couldn't afford the technology needed for Droid interactions.
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