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Thread: Sideshow Droids, Vader, HT Leia Lot

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    Sideshow Droids, Vader, HT Leia Lot

    These have all been displayed and will not come with boxes, I will include all of the accessories I have but can not guarantee they are all there. R2-Q5 needs a new battery. Please consider these in good condition but loose and missing parts, but I have reflected that in the price.

    Individual prices below will give a multiple discount to avoid trips to post office US only please, price is shipped.

    Sideshow ROTJ Vader - 125 - SOLD
    Hot Toys Leia - 150 - SOLD
    Sideshow R2 -75 - SOLD
    Sideshow R5 - 75
    Sideshow C3PO - 125 - SOLD
    Hot Toys BB8 - 75
    Sideshow R2Q5 - 75 - SOLD

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    PM'ing you..
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    made a feedback thread for R2builder. love vader and great seller
    Check out my custom 1/6 scale figures

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