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Thread: Top 5 pickups of 2017

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    That sounds pretty great Pete! Would you mind showing off the Latta card?

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    I contacted a couple of serious collectors and even some authenticators......not a single one of them had a reference on Latta. Shoot me a PM with your email.
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    Shocked to see some JEJ scores. It seems he stopped TTM but did anyone else have successes last year? Need him for a dual on my Prowse pic.

    I've only been in the hobby for two years and I don't attend many cons, but this year's 2 special autos were my first Hamill and my dual Adam West/Burt Ward piece (right before Mr. West's unfortunate passing ).
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    Nice collection man. Is it me or does the Prowse signed photo look really pixelated? If you got it through his website I would try to request another as it looks like its been printed on a shoddy home printer from the 80s. The contrast looks way off too.

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    The Vader image is very poor quality. I reached out for another. Thanks

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