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Thread: another reason to hate repro

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    Quote Originally Posted by JediPatricio View Post
    I respect all opinions but repro accessories are a blessing for all those who cannot pay high prices for a complete figure as they can chage up to 50% more than the value of a loose incomplete figure just for the fact the weapon was made in the 70's and not in a later year.
    Why bother collecting any vintage at all then ? All you is doing is collecting modern toys . I see no blessing in being silly enough to think you are collecting vintage when you are not . Vintage costs x amount , you want it you pay , bit hard to cough up x amount , have fun collecting modern .

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    Quote Originally Posted by DJ121 View Post
    BUT, if I decide to add more Stormtroopers to a display, I want to know the blasters are correct.
    I know Im necroposting a little, but...

    If you drcide to add more stormies to a display these days, you have bigger problems than just the blasters:

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    Quote Originally Posted by Twilly View Post
    I know Im necroposting a little, but...

    If you drcide to add more stormies to a display these days, you have bigger problems than just the blasters:

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    That's just disgusting.

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    Yup. Avoid this seller on ebay unless you want to help fund more projects like this in the future:

    He also has repro other figures as well, but none are as good as the stormies... yet. There are tells to look out for, but in an effort to not be too chatty about these, lets just say that unless you are specifically looking out for the repros and happen to have a legit trooper on hand to compare - its very difficult to tell.

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    That is absolutely disgusting. These are made to clearly deceive people; they serve no purpose in "helping people complete their figures" or "making weapons affordable" or whatever excuse is bandied about these days to justify the sale and purchase of repro weapons.

    I have handled a LOT of original and repro weapons over the years and if these were not disclosed as repro, I honestly think I might get duped...and I have been in the hobby for 20 years. I am not an expert but these are terrifying. The photos provided by the seller are not stellar, but they do show the points I'd look for in spotting reproductions, namely the translucent elements. Knowing that these are out there and that there must be a supplier behind them is disheartening. Prices are so ridiculous (and have been) for 4+ years so it's no wonder that these are flooding the market now; reproductions have steadily been getting better since the 1990's but for most of that time, the prices for 90% of vintage accessories did not warrant people investing in making these alarmingly accurate reproductions. The cost-benefit analysis just didn't wash - that is, until people started paying $60-80+ for not-that-rare weapons like Leia blasters. Lots of novice collectors dumping into the hobby at once = inflated prices = open season for scammers and counterfeiters.

    Like others have said, I am SO glad I finished my loose set many years ago. I used to pick up vintage figures here and there for trades and such but knowing this crap is out there effectively marks the end for me. Sad direction this hobby continues to go.

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    One easy way to tell if it is a Poon Trooper is is where the arm meets the torso/shoulder at the top. The Poon Trooper's arm is even with the torso/shoulder and has a smooth, round transition. The top of a vintage trooper's arm goes above the torso just a bit. Not sure if there are any COO's that break that tell or not.

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    Yes, there are some tells on the poon trooper, but, there are going to be a looootttt of people who get tricked by these. I mean, every time i buy a stormie from now on im going to have to worry about this.

    And therein lies the big, big problem with being indifferent or accepting of reproductions. Yes, some of the earlier reproductions are easy to spot. But because so many of us have been complacent for so long, the artists that make these repros have gotten so good at it that they now can produce floating, translucent, drop-test passing repros that look basically identical to originals. Yes there are still some tells, but those tells are slowly getting rooted out and corrected by the producers of these items.

    These scammers have now advanced to full-on repro figures that even have period correct COO's. Why? Because we've supported the repro industry for 30 years and essentially funded their R&D to make these increasingly accurate fakes possible AND desirable. Sure, some people might buy them with no intention of passing them off as repro - but I guarantee you that there are lots of people using these to scam lots of collectors.

    And what about the downstream impact of this #ckery? If i buy some of these with no intent to ever claim they are real - will i remember 20 years down the road which are which? Will my kids know which are real and which are fake when i die and they decide to sell off my alarmingly massive collection of toys from a nearly forgotten space drama? Heck, maybe they'll just throw all my collection in the trash because the repros got so good it killed the market entirely.

    Thats my issue with repros. The ultimate effect will be that they permeate and kill the market whether we intended it or not.

    If they stay easy to tell, then fine, just please dont buy them from someone who makes a living selling them... But these new ones are vile.

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    Mark poon also makes 12 back moc and a few others...can't find link at the moment but I believe you can order a fake afa graded from China rather easy! Repro stuff is just garbage made to scam collectors. K

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