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Thread: Custom Ewok (kind‘ve artwork)

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    Custom Ewok (kind‘ve artwork)

    Hi there,

    I got asked by my 7yo daughter how hard it would be to make our own Ewok teddy....I stupidly replied with a “surely cant be that hard”........

    .......after a bit of angry sewing (and a few whispered @*#\*!! words) I ended up with this.

    Sorry if it’s posted in the wrong section but couldn’t see where else he’d fit in.

    It would be great to see any other homemade plush toys others have made

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    One year when I was a child, third grade I think, my family had a Halloween party. One of my classmates came in an Ewok costume his mother had made for him. Everybody was impressed as it looked, and felt just like an Ewok from the film. Your stuffed Ewok reminded me of that memory. Thanks

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    This was given to me for Secret Santa.

    I took 3 min and made the speeder.

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