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Thread: Pop-up Saber R2D2

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    Pop-up Saber R2D2

    So Ive been trying to get my hands on the final pieces for my vintage collection lately. I just picked up a near perfect death star droid (which ive been looking for for about 6 years - holy cow those things dont age well), and ive decided to keep with the droid theme and try to pick up a pop-up saber R2.

    These things appear to be commanding about $400.00US for a nice one with a saber, and $300+ for ones in a condition I dont even want (on ebay)... The heck is that?!?

    Is that actual market price these days, or would i be getting bamboozled if i bought one for that amount?

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    That is unfortunately the market these days.

    AFA 80 is going to be in the $350-$450 range and an AFA 85 is going to be $500+ on most days.

    A non-graded loose example, in 80-ish condition, will run you $300-350 easy. I'm sure with patience, you could find a nice example for $250.

    Tough figure - Best of luck in your search.
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    Yikes! Better get it soon before it gets out of reach, i suppose.

    Thanks Mike.

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    One of my favorites in the "Last 15" POTF run. Definitely go for it.

    It's a beauty MOC.
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    one just sold the other day above average condition complete for 410
    I sold an afa 85 one last year went bonkers at auction- over 750 I believe it went for
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    Yup ive been following them on ebay too ( all funds stated below are in canadian $$)

    Two recent no coin no saber R2's in good condition sold for $195 and $166.

    One in good condition with original saber and no coin sold for $552

    The one pointed out above in above avg condition with original saber and coin sold for $521

    And one mint on an unpunched card with some condition issues (but not that bad - totally displayable) recently sold for $605.

    Dont even get me started on the loose AFA ones...

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    In other news, a fairly nice, ungraded, loose R2 with pop up saber and no coin just sold for $611.00 US on eBay.

    Glad I got mine when I did.

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    I paid $60 for mine + AFA grading fees and shipping. All in all I'm about $100 in on an AFA 85. Glad I bought mine years ago. I think I'll sell it when it hits $1k value in a couple years.
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    My all-time favorite version of my all-time favorite character! I paid a little over $400 for mine a while back and have since had it graded (came back an 85). I know the prices continue to climb on this piece but if it is something you want, I think you will be happy to own it at any price (well not any price, but you get the point ).
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