Hey all, I am going to have Alex Hill do a signing at my shop on December 23rd. He has been a zombie in Season 6, 7 and the current season 8. He's played numerous memorable zombies and has been killed by the likes of Negan, Carol, Rick, Maggie and more.

Alex will have 8x10 photo's available which will be included with the cost of the signing. Autographs are $20 (plus shipping) and I'll also include a top loader for the photo(s) when I ship it back to you. Here are the photos he'll have available.

With the photos, I am pretty sure of the following. #1 is the zombie that Negan kills with the candlestick the first time he comes to Alexandria. #2 and #6 are from the scene where Negan takes Rick in the RV and has him find the hatchet in the fog. #3 is the Bigfoot Zombie from Alexandria. #7 is from the episode where Negan and Gabriel or walking through the horde after leaving the trailer. #4 and #5 are just standard zombies from season 6.

If anyone would like to order one, please message me and I'll send you an invoice. In your message I need your email, which photo(s) you want and if you want any special inscription or personalization as well as location of auto and sharpie color. You can also send in an item if you want your own item signed. I also need your zip code for shipping quote.

All photos are officially licensed photos!