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Thread: Need help to get in touch with SithLord822

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    Need help to get in touch with SithLord822

    I need to get in touch with SithLord822 regarding the Anovos Oxixo Tie Pilot helmet I purchased from him back in 2015.
    As the helmet is now shipping, I'd like to follow up on the status of my helmet.
    I tried to get in touch thru PM and email, but to no avail.
    Anybody can help?
    Thanks in advance.

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    No one can really help, but a thread like this documenting your attempts is a good start. Actually, if you look back a little ways in the list of threads you'll find someone who had the same sort of issue with the same seller. You could try asking him how he was able to resolve it. Good luck to you!
    "Talk sense to a fool and he calls you foolish." -Euripides

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    Yup, I've contacted BigLeagueChu. Still waiting for a reply from him.

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    I never got a response from him from a few random "update" PMs and even email to his paypal account address. I bought the Vader pre-order.

    I have written if off, buying a pre-order was just a bad idea on my part.

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    Hi Dandirk,
    thanks for chiming in. Did you try and get the phone number from BigLeagueChu?

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    a bit late... no... as I said its written off... I bought a efx version.

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