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Thread: Reflection on 2017 and collecting goals for 2018

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    My goal is properly organised and display what i already own! Although, this would need a major garage extension - LEGO sets news and reviews

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    2017 was definitely a slow year for buying any vintage for me. The prices have just got way out of hand and I feel like I have everything I really ever set out to acquire.

    I recently started creating vintage customs of figures that extend the line so to speak. It's a cheap and creative way to collect and it's fun.

    In 2018 I plan on continuing with the customs and hopefully get some photos posted on here. I also plan on streamlining the collection a little more and purging the items I no longer have any love for.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kenner76 View Post
    My goals for 2017:
    -find an original Leia ESB 21 back proof for my run STILL LOOKING
    -track down a Jedi proof for Greedo, Tuscan Raider, or Boushh STILL LOOKING
    -get another proof or two for my "first 21" run (still need 9) GAVE UP WITH CURRENT PRICES
    -buy an original vintage SW poster FOUND A SW D AND GOT IT FRAMEd
    2017 was a slow year for me, but I did pick up a few unexpected gems. I found a SW D poster, got a Jawa 65C proof, and started a run of loose "last 17 figures".

    My Goals for 2018:
    -MISB ROTJ Falcon, ESB Rebel Transport, and A-WING
    -Get 2-3 more "last 17" loose figures (I currently have 5)
    -ROTJ Revenge poster
    -2-3 more POTF coins (I currently have 20)
    -Find that elusive Leia Organa 21 back proof card needed to complete my run
    -Save up some cash for Celebration 2019
    -Enjoy my collection in it's current state

    I'll be happy to complete 2-3 of my collecting goals this year. I'm grateful to still be active in the hobby. Merry Christmas and happy collecting everyone!! -R
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    Wanted: Jawa sample proofs,a textured cape Leia, and any Boushh proofs. I'm also currently looking for a 21 ESB back Leia Organa proof. I have cash and many great trade items!
    My Feedback:

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    Quote Originally Posted by KeepFrozen View Post
    I also plan on streamlining the collection a little more and purging the items I no longer have any love for.

    For me, sell (preferably here on RS) more, …..way more then I'll be buying.
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    WTB:any ESB Rebel Soldier Proof card
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    Continuing to buy high AFA Q grades which has been a blast.

    Continue to compile price data on unique SW vintage items, put more functionality into my database

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    I tried to find a post from 2016 about my 2017 goals but I believe I never got around to posting it due to the passing of my father that year. I was not able to add much in the way of new items in 2017, but I was able to upgrade my VC Jawa from a sliced open bubble one to a cut card example and save that one from being U-graded. I was also able to finally upgrade my EB set to a sealed figures version that was AFA graded.

    Here's my goals for 2018:

    1. Attend at least one collector event that is being held out of state

    2. Upgrade some more pieces in the collection

    3. Obtain a few Finnish pieces that I don't have

    4. Finally get more stuff up on the walls and get more patch sets, posters and rare pieces framed and properly displayed

    5. Update FS posts both here and on FB group Star Wars: The Big Pick more frequently with more items for you guys to add to your collections

    6. Spread the good word about how repros, reseals and scammers are putting a hurt on our hobby and taking our hard earned money

    7. Find a carded ROTJ C3PO removable limbs with Anakin offer before Bill Cable does

    8. Finish the DT trifecta one way or another

    9. Watch the Hake's auction results and SMH

    10. Continue to connect with fellow SW enthusiasts and help to bring new collectors into our great hobby

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    Quote Originally Posted by sabresedge View Post
    7. Find a carded rotj c3po removable limbs with anakin offer before bill cable does

    I will CUT YOU!!!
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    I'll make sure to put a ton of effort in to grabbing one before you, Bill.
    Salt-licker guy from Crait deserves a figure.
    He made the ultimate sacrifice, licking that dirt to find out what it was. We should respect and honor him with an action figure.

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