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Thread: Reflection on 2017 and collecting goals for 2018

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    My goal is properly organised and display what i already own! Although, this would need a major garage extension - LEGO sets news and reviews

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    2017 was definitely a slow year for buying any vintage for me. The prices have just got way out of hand and I feel like I have everything I really ever set out to acquire.

    I recently started creating vintage customs of figures that extend the line so to speak. It's a cheap and creative way to collect and it's fun.

    In 2018 I plan on continuing with the customs and hopefully get some photos posted on here. I also plan on streamlining the collection a little more and purging the items I no longer have any love for.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Kenner76 View Post
    My goals for 2017:
    -find an original Leia ESB 21 back proof for my run STILL LOOKING
    -track down a Jedi proof for Greedo, Tuscan Raider, or Boushh STILL LOOKING
    -get another proof or two for my "first 21" run (still need 9) GAVE UP WITH CURRENT PRICES
    -buy an original vintage SW poster FOUND A SW D AND GOT IT FRAMEd
    2017 was a slow year for me, but I did pick up a few unexpected gems. I found a SW D poster, got a Jawa 65C proof, and started a run of loose "last 17 figures".

    My Goals for 2018:
    -MISB ROTJ Falcon, ESB Rebel Transport, and A-WING
    -Get 2-3 more "last 17" loose figures (I currently have 5)
    -ROTJ Revenge poster
    -2-3 more POTF coins (I currently have 20)
    -Find that elusive Leia Organa 21 back proof card needed to complete my run
    -Save up some cash for Celebration 2019
    -Enjoy my collection in it's current state

    I'll be happy to complete 2-3 of my collecting goals this year. I'm grateful to still be active in the hobby. Merry Christmas and happy collecting everyone!! -R
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    Wanted: Jawa sample proofs,a textured cape Leia, and any Boushh proofs. I'm also currently looking for a 21 ESB back Leia Organa proof. I have cash and many great trade items!
    My Feedback:

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    Quote Originally Posted by KeepFrozen View Post
    I also plan on streamlining the collection a little more and purging the items I no longer have any love for.

    For me, sell (preferably here on RS) more, …..way more then I'll be buying.
    "It is better to light a small candle then to curse the darkness" ~Confucius
    WTB:any ESB Rebel Soldier Proof card
    Refining my broken English to proper English, *cuz John A. said so

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