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Thread: Star wars minimalism...

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    Star wars minimalism...

    It's that time of year again....the holidays are right around the corner so it's time to spend spend spend...but how fulfilling are our purchases? Most of us have been collecting for a long time and have amassed quite a collection. Some of us have trimmed it down to our essentials over the years, but very few of us have ever started over from scratch.

    If you no longer had any figures in your collection, who would you buy first?? What would be at the top of your list to reacquire?

    Let's hear everyone's answers. I'll post my stuff after I give it some thought but I'm curious to what everyone else loves.

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    I have two focuses: Aayla Secura and associated characters, and Ewoks and Endor related stuff
    If I were to start over, or trim my current collection down to the essentials, I'd have:

    Aayla & Co.
    TVC Aayla Secura
    TVC Kit Fisto
    TVC Quinlan Vos
    RotS Commander Bly
    TAC Comic Pack Vilmarh Grahrk
    TVC Aurra Sing
    TLC Comic Pack Tholme

    TVC Wicket
    TVC Logray
    TLC Paploo
    PotJ Teebo
    TSC Chief Chirpa

    so just 12 figures in total
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    Empire is my favorite so I'd probably start my focus there. I'd need the mains for sure.

    TLJ Han Bespin
    POTJ chewie mechanic
    MS ANH Threepio
    TVC R2
    TVC Hoth Leia
    MS Yoda
    Bespin Luke from the 2012? 3-pack
    Vader from probe droid set
    RO stormtroopers

    After that I'd start getting secondary outfits of the figures or fodder to customize these ones.

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    I've been collecting less than a year, but I've so far been putting together a minimalist collection of my favorite VOTC, VTSC and TBS6 figures from between 2004 to 2016:

    My collection at
    My limelighting and display thread: link
    My childhood collection: link

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