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Thread: was there anything you liked in the special editions that most people dont?

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    was there anything you liked in the special editions that most people dont?

    while people who know me well know i absolutely hate, loathe and despise the jedi rocks change in the jedi se to the point of tracking down the untouched version on dvd.
    there is ONE thing i liked.
    that weequay drummer was awesome
    what changes do you like in the se?
    also a a disclaimer i wont be screaming and cursing people here (even if they like jedi rocks for some reason)
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    Well, I like several things

    The fact that Ep IV got a proper title, I dislike it if the first entry of a franchise never gets a title of its own, even after the fact (Twilight, Transformers, The Hunger Games are examples)
    Sandtroopers searching for the Droids and the CG Dewback are cool, well integrated considering the amount of time passed between these shots
    The 2004 DVD version of Obi-Wan's Kray call was nice, sort of similar to Boga's yelps
    More Mos Eisley shots are always nice
    Despite them replacing the wolfmen, the new Cantina aliens are cool designs
    As bad as the SE version of ANH Jabba was, the DVD version improved on the visuals immensely, and I liked seeing more of Jabba's henchmen
    Little things like replacing written English with Aurebesh please me
    Adding back the scene with Biggs and Garven on Yavin added to the drama when both died.

    More wampa shots!
    Although changing the dialogue was really unnecessary, I like that Ian McDiarmid got to play Palpatine in ESB too, if only for tighter continuity. Despite also providing more continuity, I really dislike Tem Morrison's voice for Boba though
    Opening up all those walls on Cloud City really added to the atmosphere

    Giant door to Jabba's palace on Blu-Ray!
    There's now a Dug in Jabba's palace
    Jedi Rocks is a horrible song, but Rappertunie, the Bith and Rodian musicians, along with the backup singers and drummers were cool character designs
    Blinking Ewoks!
    Removing Anakin's eyebrows, along with adding continuity, made him also seem more sad and pitiful. I like his eye-brow less look
    Luke hugging Wedge was nice
    I prefer the new ending song of RotJ and seeing the other worlds celebrate a (short-lived) time of peace

    Okay, bear with me, I like Hayden ghost. Half of it at least, the reasoning behind it still doesn't make much sense, Anakin died redeemed and all so he should've looked like Sebastian. And Sebastian's performance as the spirit was much better acted. Though this was probably because Hayden never knew what the footage was for, he never even got the chance to give a proper warm smile as he wasn't directed to do so. They just spliced his head from unused RotS footage into the scene. That being said, I reallyreallyreallyreallyreally like the very first shot of ghost Hayden appearing alongside Obi and Yoda. He has this playful grin as he sees his old friends and then gets this shy look on his eyes as he adresses his son. It's actually kind of touching, though almost ruined by his trademark creepy stalker look in the second shot
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    im actually one of the few that liked hayden in jedi glad im not alone :p
    im not touching those blu rays untill they take that nooo out of jedi :p
    star wars being named a new hope wasnt a special edition change my old vhs even before the remaster i bought of the classic trilogy was a new hope.
    after reverting to the original copy of jedi i did notice that the extra shots of wedge were gone
    thats one of the few things i would have liked to kept. maybe if i ever get to reedit my definitive version i want to make..
    all the empire changes were good except for slowing down the escape with all the pointless vader stuff.
    i actually now think the original ending works better.
    heres the deal
    as the end of the story the se works best
    but now that they have to keep fighting the first order
    small intimate party on endor works better since he fighting isnt over.
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