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Thread: If you could choose your edit of the Saga

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    yeah I hear ya w/ the end scene in ROTJ, I can see fans being a bit rattled-the nooooo never phased me, as it was a deliberate echo of his grief from his lost wife, but the Hayden substitute thing was odd (and we know why it was done) if any that's the one that's perhaps most disjointed, but I would never let it ruin the film for me. What's interesting to ponder moving forward w/ Luke, now one w/ the Force post TLJ- he can now join Obi, Yoda and his Father, but which Anakin does he see? LOL
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    ^^^ Some small changes/additions do alter certain characterizations profoundly: Adding those “NOOOOs!” to Vader in the Emperor vs Luke scene greatly diminishes Vader’s quiet sacrifice to save his son into a Saturday morning cartoon of a character. And replacing Sebastian’s older Anakin with Hayden’s young version makes no sense within the context of the story on so many accounts, least of all Luke would not recognize this man, younger than himself smiling smugly at him, as the elderly man he just saw moments ago...

    Anyway, taking out Jar Jar is not going to improve TPM LOOL

    Look, I’ll always adore this film— the simple treatment was brimming with so much untapped potential, and the designs remain visionary. But there’s absolutely no denying what a bore and mess it ultimately is. It is, in essence, an epitome of an acquired taste…

    Deleting/mininmizing Jar Jar’s role only highlights Jake’s awful delivery; and if you take away Jake, then there’s Natalie’s bored/disinterested Padme performance. Interestingly enough, I thought she was solid as Amidala with mature, stoic performance that often is unfairly dismissed as “wooden”. Take away Natalie’s bored Padme, and it’s snooty, jerky Obi-Wan… It’s just one rotten layer of poor performances after another LOL

    TPM is what it is. No amount of cuts and revisions can possibly improve the borefest and awful Roger Rabbit antics that has come to define this film. However… the best cut remains the trailers: They were simply magnificent. Less is indeed more.
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