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Thread: If you could choose your edit of the Saga

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    all the fans that are still pouting about the Greedo scene never seem to recall- Han shot ONLY.. not 1st

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    Indeed, more accurate would be:

    Theatrical: Han Shot Only
    Special Edition: Han Shot Second / Han Shot In Self-Defense / Han Got A Whiplash
    DVD / Blu-Ray: They Shot Simultaneously / Why Didn't Lucas just use the original again?
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    mmmhhmmm right. The whole thing never phased me in the least, honestly. None of the SE/BD edits ever did, as the core story remains. I have the DVDs of the OOT from the DVD release a ways back, never touch 'em. They came w/ the revamps before the BD, I gave the revamps to my li'l nephews when I got the BDs and kept the OOTs just cuz.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Rushie View Post
    Oh, I agree the OT never actually needed a new version, outdated effects are perfectly understandable considering the films are +- 40 years old
    This. ^
    I don't mind an old film getting a makeover/facelift. But I'm not a fan of changing what happened, to fit your new narrative 20 years later. "I didn't paint you into a corner"

    Adding new scenes to help meld the story fine, I can live with. But editing old ones out is wrong. I don't mind the Palpatine scene in ESB too much, because I always felt that Revill's performance was odd/lacking compared to Ian's anyways. IMO it just felt out of place. Though I do feel for anyone who was in a Classic movie, only to be edited out when the "Enhanced" version gets made.
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    These type of threads will always be a Lightsaber duel. It's really just a opinion of what you like. With that Said.

    1.Remove all BS added scenes from the Special Edition ESB-None of them work at all. Bad Form Lucas and it wasn't your Movie to change!
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    ^^^ SW was George’s…

    These were his films. Of course the SW universe was a strong collaboration of many talents— with George contributing the least. But SW was his. TFA is what you get when you pander shamelessly to the lowest common denominator with “Star Wars for the people.” I will gladly take George’s self-indulgent hot mess any day to that brand of recycled wallpaper of nuSW based on principle alone. I mean, they’re both awful, but at least George’s has a personality.

    It’s just unfortunate that the majority of his SEs were so laughably awful LOL I would have loved to see George go crazy and keep revising them just to see what a hot mess he would have done next; maybe with further editions, Leia doesn’t strangle Jabba “first” (instead, Leia rallies all the female “slaves” together to take out Jabba as a statement of grrrrrl power LOOOL…) The SEs get sillier and sillier—messier and messier: how can you not want to see what George will come up with next…???? As long as George also offered the OOT to those that so desperately coveted them, who cares what goofiness he conjured up next... It’s his weird and creepy attitude of resenting and banishing the originals so that no one can own it that turns me off— not his Ed Woods SEs nonsense.

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    The "Han shot first" scene would be the only thing I would put back in. I would put in the scene where Luke goes off to Anchorhead and runs into Biggs. ESB I liked the changes. ROTJ the Musical number in Jabba's palace would go as well as anything to do with Naboo. Oh, and put Shaw at the end of the movie and not that Hayden guy.
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    If it was up to me, I would create an all new "Super-duper Extra Special Edition," and revamp all the movies from top to bottom. Basically give the whole thing an oil change and polish so they come out sparkling like new.

    TPM: Not much that you could add, as some was already (parts of the pod race and beauty shots of Coruscant) put back in the DVD release. I'd throw in the scene where Anakin stops to say goodbye to the old lady and clear up the continuity problem. I'd cut or edit some of the more egregious Jar Jar scenes, cut most of the underwater sequence, cut some of Anakin's bad dialogue, and cut Qui-Gon explaining the Midi-Chorians, but not the other references, make it sound more like the Midi-Chlorians are a by-product of the Force and a "power indicator" rather than the Force itself. I'm aware of "The Phantom Edit," and I agree that with the correct amount of editing the film could be greatly improved.

    AOTC: This is the problem film. It's already way too long but I'm not sure what else could be cut, but most of the deleted scenes need to be put back in. All of the scenes with Padme and Anakin, as well as Padme's family were the parts that gave them badly need characterization and made the romance a bit more believable, but got axed to save time. I'd instead cut out most of the droid factory, maybe the scene where he's screaming petulantly in the Lars' garage, trim the speeder chase, and add back in the Anakin/Padme scenes. Not sure if that's enough to turn it around but it would certainly help. The movie also badly needs an FX makeover, the CGI has dated badly.

    ROTS: Again, I'm not entirely sure where to cut here, maybe R2 in the hangar with the battle droids, parts of the Grevious chase and duel. The scenes with Bail and Mon Mothma need to be put back in pacing be damned, the quick "Roger-Roger" moment, likewise any little bits that played up the ever so subtle implied "affair". It's just a shame that the scenes that could have vastly improved the movies ended up on the cutting room floor.

    Rogue One: Brand new, we don't have any official deleted scenes thanks to the reshoots, and I thought the film was near perfect. Maybe chop out Bor-Gullet.

    ANH: As much as we all want the Biggs scenes put back in, they just don't work. The only way I think you could make them work is if you're going to try and connect Rogue One and A New Hope together to form a four hour epic because those scenes would provide the necessary transition element, but otherwise no. Han shoots first of course. Give the FX a polish but not change anything more from the 97 release other than cut the slapstick droid at Mos Eisley and put in the full scene with Red Leader in the hangar where he mentions Anakin. (How many people after all know that famed Jedi General Anakin Skywalker and Darth Vader are one in the same?)

    ESB: Really not much to change here. Again some more polish on the Hoth battle. I'd throw in Hobbie's kamikaze attack (showing him ejecting before impact because we like Hobbie), and the short scene of the wampa attacking the Stormtrooper (complete with Wilhelm scream). I'd touch up the FX at Cloud City and that's it.

    ROTJ: I'd put in the lightsaber construction scene. I'd cut the Ewok glider, replace it with something that makes the Ewoks more threatening and vicious. I'd throw in some extra little scenes during the space battle, a new pilot here, a shot of General Madine there, maybe a quick glimpse of the Falcon gunners. One thing I'd definitely do is dig up footage of whoever was supposed to be Blue Leader, include that, and change the A-Wings that knock out the SSD's shield generator to B-Wings with the pilots being the two shown in the Blu-Ray extras. I'd definitely splice back in the scenes of Jerjerrod in the control room to give it a bit more tension for the climax. I wouldn't change the revised ending other than replacing Christiansen and somehow CGI Wedge into the last shot (just because).

    TFA: I'd put in the cut scenes with Leia at the Resistance base even though it completely changes her intro, but it needs the extra exposition since the movie is so starved of it.
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    I see the point that the additions and changes that irritate many people, and I've stated I don't care either way, cuz regardless the story was never changed, and that's what matters to me anyways. But I must say I watched them old docs from the TV days that are now on the BD set, Making of SW, SPFX ESB, Classic Creatures ROTJ, and man lemme tell ya what a mess the clips are! I get it's not polished as they were disposable TV specials, but man, even the slight adjustments made to the 93 "on VHS... for the last time" campaign even helped out here. It's been so long since I've seen any old versions, but w/ today's TVs & tech those films would be a really sad display, so there is something beneficial here regardless of gravy scenes regarding these upgrades.
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    ^^^ Some small changes/additions do alter certain characterizations profoundly: Adding those “NOOOOs!” to Vader in the Emperor vs Luke scene greatly diminishes Vader’s quiet sacrifice to save his son into a Saturday morning cartoon of a character. And replacing Sebastian’s older Anakin with Hayden’s young version makes no sense within the context of the story on so many accounts, least of all Luke would not recognize this man, younger than himself smiling smugly at him, as the elderly man he just saw moments ago...

    Anyway, taking out Jar Jar is not going to improve TPM LOOL

    Look, I’ll always adore this film— the simple treatment was brimming with so much untapped potential, and the designs remain visionary. But there’s absolutely no denying what a bore and mess it ultimately is. It is, in essence, an epitome of an acquired taste…

    Deleting/mininmizing Jar Jar’s role only highlights Jake’s awful delivery; and if you take away Jake, then there’s Natalie’s bored/disinterested Padme performance. Interestingly enough, I thought she was solid as Amidala with mature, stoic performance that often is unfairly dismissed as “wooden”. Take away Natalie’s bored Padme, and it’s snooty, jerky Obi-Wan… It’s just one rotten layer of poor performances after another LOL

    TPM is what it is. No amount of cuts and revisions can possibly improve the borefest and awful Roger Rabbit antics that has come to define this film. However… the best cut remains the trailers: They were simply magnificent. Less is indeed more.

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