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Thread: Open And reseal?

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    Open And reseal?

    Was looking at buying an AFA cased loose figure, but the figure that is in the case has his head turned sideways. Is there anyway to open the case turn the head and then close the case without damaging it permanently maybe even re-gluing it? Not trying to sell it just want to display it with the face looking straight ahead and not sideways. It's the last figure I need to complete my original vintage loose set
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    If you try to pry the case open it will shatter and possibly damage the figure. You can send it back in to AFA and tell them you want it regraded and they could turn the head forward for you. If this is a figure like Hammerhead, where he has to be sideways to fit, they might not be able to do it. Contact Marci at AFA and ask her. I would never advise opening up a graded item yourself for risking damage to the item. Hope this helps!

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    Bummer... I was hoping to avoid afa fees. The figure I have seen loose afa with the head pointing forward. Maybe someone has a home remedy to remove and reattach.

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